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        嘉興浙嘉 - 專注于醫藥中間體、精細化學品的高科技綜合性化工企業

        嘉興市浙嘉生物科技有限公司是一家專注于醫藥中間體、精細化學品的高科技綜合性化工企業,公司本著以科技為先導,以質量求生存,以市場為發展,以信譽為效益的原則愿與國內外客戶合作共贏,共同發展。 公司自成立以來,始終把質量放在第一位,有著嚴格的質量控制體系,同時以服務大家為己任,公司擁有完善的化工產品營銷服務網絡,完善的化工物流配送和技術支持體系,為廣大客戶提供高品質,多元化,多包裝的產品。我們贏得了國內外眾多優秀化學試劑品牌伙伴的信任,建立了可靠的有價值的合作關系,力爭為中國的化學領域貢獻自己的綿薄之力,誠信為本、開拓創新、與時俱進,愿與大家攜手共創美好明天 。

        Zhejia Ltd. is a high-tech integrated chemical enterprise focusing on pharmaceutical intermediates and fine chemicals. The company is willing to cooperate with domestic and foreign customers for win-win cooperation and common development based on the principle of science and technology as the guide, quality as survival, market as development and reputation as benefit. Since its establishment, the company has always put quality in the first place and has a strict quality control system, at the same time to serve everyone as its own responsibility, the company has a perfect chemical products marketing service network, perfect chemical logistics and technical support system, to provide customers with high-quality, diversified, multi-package products. We have won the trust of many excellent chemical reagent brand partners at home and abroad, and established a reliable and valuable cooperation relationship, and strive to contribute our own modest efforts to the chemical field in China, integrity-based, pioneering and innovative, and willing to work with everyone to create a better tomorrow.

        在線服務時間: 工作日 9:00-18:00